Leadcom’s management and employees are committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) standards and regulations in all our facilities and in the field.¬† All levels of field operations are carried out according to stringent Environment, Health and Safety guidelines promoted by all levels of field operations management and personnel. Leadcom is ISO 9001-2008, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

In the field all employees:

  • Follow all customer and site-specific safety requirements
  • Familiarize with the potential hazards concerning routine job tasks
  • Review all site-specific safety requirements prior to beginning work at a new location
  • Ensure that basic emergency preparedness requirements are implemented at each field location
  • Ensure that they have full protective gear and equipment to execute their work safely
  • Be aware of all environmental conditions (site, location, terrain, weather) and make sure that they are safe for
    performing the required task
  • Special care to Environmental issues following Leadcom EHS Guide

 Awareness to emergency response:

  • Identify and communicate all emergency response information to all field personnel prior to beginning work
  • Examine the emergency exits and functionality of emergency equipment prior to beginning work
  • Identify First Aid and Fire Safety trained personnel prior to beginning work
  • Incident reporting and investigation