leadcom worldwide

Leadcom Worldwide

Cross continent business platform

Being an international company Leadcom achieved unique market presence by creating a continuous network of offices and operations throughout two large continents – Africa and Latin America including the Caribbeans - all providing significant business opportunities.  This unique platform is the product of more than a decade of experience and activities answering the call of substantial investment for developing and improving infrastructure in these two continents. These offices extend their operations to serve as bases for projects executed in neighboring countries as well.

Penetrating new markets by executing projects for veteran, long-term customers and through our own business initiatives and chain of operations we can boast a sound ongoing presence in all territories in which we are active.

Global perspective local solutions

Working primarily as local contractors has given us a preferential position in these countries where our activities have led us to enhance our operations, create trustworthy working relations with local authorities and the general market.

Leadcom experts are easily mobilized to support new projects in different locations, and satisfied customers who want help set up similar operations in new territories where we already have a footprint.

Building a platform for your business to grow

Our subsidiaries take a pro-active part in expanding business opportunities and providing the required services as they grow. Local and foreign businesses, service providers and entrepreneurs seeking an anchor to extend their business reach and opportunities benefit from our sound global platform and strong local ties together with the business advantages and in country support that we offer.