Operation & Maintenance

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With over 80 teams, 2 regional offices, more than 300 trained and experience technicians, cross country warehouses and about 100 4×4 pickups,  Leadcom Ecuador maintains the nationwide +2,000 sites of Ecuador’s largest operator and its growing 12 million subscriber market.

After being repeatedly awarded network maintenance agreements for Ecuador’s largest mobile phone operator which has grown to full national coverage of the deployed network for both TE – Telecom Equipment (BTS, MW and antennas system), and all site Power Sources (Generators, DC cabinet and backup batteries), Leadcom Ecuador is currently positioned as one of the biggest players in the operation and maintenance arena providing services unmatched for quality, scope and cost-efficiency.

Facts and Figures
: Initial contract TE maintenance

  • 800 stations and switches in Ecuador’s 11 provinces of the Coastal Region.
  • 50 persons and covers 50% of the Ecuadorian territory including the Galapagos Islands.

2008: NATIONWIDE Power systems maintenance – generators and air conditioning systems

  • + 1000 additional sites
  • 110 persons – for all provinces

Present: Nationwide TE & Power

  • 2000 base stations with the following logistic deployment:
    • 2 regional offices in Guayaquil and Quito managing the operations of approx. 400 employees, warehouses at
      the main cities, environmental oil collection center and a car fleet that include more than 100  4×4 Pickup!
    • Almost 100 teams of Engineers and Technicians divided into professional teams of Telecom Equipment and
      Power experts.
    • Each team is responsible for a cluster of sites and the teams have to arrive at the site according to a predefined
      schedule (SLA), depending of the severity of the fault and location of the base station.
    • Presence in all major cities including Galapagos Islands
    • Standard equipment and tools: Site Analyzer, Ber Tester, Frequency Meter, Inductance Meter, Power Analyzer,
      Mobil Generators and others.

The customer, with over 75% of the 12 million subscriber market, has maintained its market leadership through excellent brand management, constant investments in new technologies and rigorous maintenance of his network. The maintenance of such a network is complemented by stringent SLA agreement for corrective and preventive and emergency maintenance aimed at maintaining performance, reputation and help increase profit and growth.

Since our initial 2008 award, we competed successfully for maintenance contracts for which we have been awarded increasing and diversified shares resulting from its unprecedented performance and key benefits for its customer.

Leadcom’s professional maintenance operations provide customers the following benefits:

  • Effective deployment:
    • Well-structured, efficient and professional countrywide deployment of regional offices supported by field teams [see details below]
    • Strong logistic infrastructure
    • Access to remote areas
  • Cost-efficiency – one-stop shop for telecom, passive infrastructure and power
    • By providing comprehensive network maintenance (TI & power) for the entire system, one point of contact for the customer
    • Same infrastructure provides multi-disciplinary solutions for all maintenance requirements
  • Rigorous maintenance – top performance
    • Helped maintain and increase keep market share
    • Sound network operation – good service to customers
    • Maintain high level of KPI’s
    • Reduced OPEX

The repeated contract awards and increase of maintenance coverage to nationwide has proven Leadcom successfully maintains the nation’s largest network and its market leadership in this field.


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