Safe/Smart City


Modern cities and municipalities are confronted with and increasing need for real-time response and advanced measures to effectively control threats and challenges, and provide residents with well being and a quality of life.

Leadcom’s Safe City concept aims to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Command and Control events
  • Consolidate and optimize resources, operations and performance

As security and municipal services are becoming more technologically based offering opportunities that answer infrastructure needs and command and control capabilities needed to keep any installation or an entire city safe.

Leadcom’s profound security concept, supported by its technological know-how, integration expertise and structured approach meets the design, legal, financial and technological aspects for the successful planning, deployment and integration of any Safe City project.

The Solution

Safe City concepts can answer any defined public, education, industrial or recreational environment or cover them all.

The Safe City concept focuses on crisis management and preparedness – developing the necessary processes and harmonizing multi-source systems and control measures to lower risks and treats and maximize routine efficiency.

At the core of any Safe City system is a C2 Command and Control Center that integrates multi-source information from surveillance and intelligence systems deployed throughout the city, transmitting them to multi-modal systems that track, analyze and deliver real time effective solutions for any event.

Experts in information and communication systems, Leadcom has experience tailoring the exact solution and creating an integrated and interactive communications platform for any need.

Safe City Main Advantages:

  • Fast response
  • Centralized management and chain of command
  • Creating a lean organization that maximizes resources
  • Structured processes that comply with regulatory requirements

Leadcom’s Added Values

Leadcom customers benefit from a broad, all-inclusive operational concept which is the basis for creating reliable procedures and effectively orchestrate all the components, technologies, systems and people in support of routine and crisis operations to their complete satisfaction

Leadcom specialists tailor the specific solution, provide and implement cutting-edge technology to deliver the best command and control capabilities in order to alert, divert and handle existing or developing threats in a given area. We do so by:

  • Risk Assessment – outlining the basis for the project design and planning
  • Creating the Infrastructure – Deployment of surveillance and intelligence equipment, installation and integration of communication systems
  • Creating a smooth and effective control and response system

Leadcom specializes in understanding the technological challenge and operational needs and provides:

On the operational level:

  • A strategic approach supported by necessary modalities and procedures
  • Highly sophisticated integration capabilities for smooth and seamless operation
  • Experience with cutting-edge integrated communications and video management for better command and control
  • Proven field integration and installation skills

 On the technical level:

  • Top of the range equipment
  • A suit of solutions for all the defined operational requirements
  • Expert evaluations of all existing disciplines and choosing the best solutions and services

From a Smart and Safe City to becoming an Intelligent City 

Scalable and sustainable Smart and Safe City solutions are a natural step towards developing an intelligent city concept:

What is an ‘Intelligent City’?

Cities increasingly deliver services that use smart technologies, which can be used as infrastructure to embed intelligence features thus extending the effectiveness of its services at a low cost.

‘Intelligent City’ extends the ‘Safe City’ capabilities to expand control and efficiency of various municipal services, from monitoring power generation and optimizing water usage to enforcing revenue generating services.

Intelligent City is a step away – all you need is to grasp the potential in order to expand existing capabilities such as intelligent software and services, and high-speed communications networks to maximize sustainability and efficiency of any city’s services, law enforcement, productivity, and the overall well being of its citizens.